Don't take stuff We here at Downward Spiral would like to take the opportunity to say that we do not own characters, incidents, or places from any anime, RPG, television show or so forth. We'd like to own them, but we don't. Any established characters used in fanfiction, art or otherwise are mereley borrowed and will be returned to their creators in almost the same condition we got them in. At any point we do not claim to own these characters, so please, don't sue.

All the original characters, images and fiction that appear on this site are the property of Anikka and/or Jade. The use of this site's content is prohibited, unless authorised by both Anikka and Jade. Also, it may only be used if full credit is given to it's creator(s) with a link back to this site. Do not directly link something from this page. The content outlined here, and the site Downward Spiral are 2001 Jade Watersilk and Anikka, all rights reserved. Stealing will result in, but is not limited too, the following :

Survivors will be prosecuted ... if we can get a lawyer.

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